14 Mei 2021 – Henry Pike

Is die lewe na die dood genoeg?

Hierdie Vrydag kuier Henry Pike by ons.  Die formaat gaan in ‘n gesprekvorm wees en George Lehman van die Bikers Church gaan ook deelnaam aan die gesprek saam met Leon en Oswald.  Die vraag wat bespreek gaan word is as die lewe na die dood die enigste ding is wat God jou bied, sal jy Hom nog steeds volg?

Dit beloof om baie interesant te wees so moet dit nie mis nie.

30 April 2021 – Tiaan du Plessis

God in His incredible power, saved my life, as I walked away with three stitches in my finger, and not even one slash in my feet from the broken glass.

In September of 2018, we got a phone call in the afternoon that my brother wants to visit from Bloemfontein, busy with his studies, and drive all the way to Cape Town. My mother had no money, but God made a way for him to come. His words were, “I felt God telling me to come home. I do not know why, but I know for a fact that I need to come home now”! Meanwhile, I never knew what would happen that night. With my father being drunk, I needed to get out of the house, and therefore followed my mother to their band practise on a Wednesday night.

As I sat in my car that night, in quite an unsafe area, busy with a video call. The thought never crossed my mind that a lot of robberies occur in this area. While I was busy attending the call, out of the side of my eye, I noticed a massive rock, wrapped in a piece of clothing, coming towards my window. In a matter of seconds, a guy with a black hoody came through my window, wanting to take my phone, as he grabbed towards it. I resisted and pushed him out three times in total. As I sat there in the driver’s seat, I remember the amount of fear rushing through my body, as I screamed out for help. Suddenly everything in my mind went slow, but around me as fast as ever. I recount the thought of saying to myself, “Tonight I might die”. On the third time of resisting the guy, he took his right hand behind his back, and reached for a knife. All of this happened, while I screamed, like I have never screamed before! He took the knife, and in a matter of a few seconds, came through my window and stabbed three times. Every stab, hitting my chest, but I felt no pain. Little did I know, God was working a miracle, as the knife was unable to penetrate my body. Just as he finished stabbing, I ceased fighting and allowed him to take my phone, as I sat busy searching my body for wounds. When I found no knife wounds, I noticed that my finger had a wound, bleeding tremendously. I stepped out bare feet, not remembering the glass on the ground, but my feet felt no pain as I walked over the scattered pieces of glass.

God in His incredible power, saved my life, as I walked away with three stitches in my finger, and not even one slash in my feet from the broken glass.

28 & 29 Mei 2021 – TGIF Mannekonferensie – Hoop

Niemand gaan onveranderd huis toe nie!

Ons wil jou graag vriendelik uitnooi om hierdie wonderlike geleentheid by te woon.   Die konferensie gaan oor Hoop en word aangebied deur Jacques Malan van Father’s Voice en hulle span.

Kyk na ‘n voorskou hier waar Jacques ons meer vertel van die Naweek.

Waar: Bergsig Konferensiesentrum op die H/v Protea- & Bolandweg, Vierlanden, Durbanville
Tyd: Vrydagaand 28 Mei 2021 vanaf 18h00 – 21h00
Saterdag 29 Mei 2021 vanaf 09h00 – 16h00.

Die koste per Boeta/persoon is R 250.00 en sluit verversings en etes in.

Bring ‘n maat saam!

Kom investeer in jou eie lewe; saai asb jou R250 in by:

N G Kerk Durbanville Bergsig
Tjek rek no: 1410 590 154
Verwys: KONF—Jou van

Ons sien uit met ‘n massiewe verwagting wat God hierdie naweek in elke Boeta se lewe gaan doen, dat jou dinamika sal uitkom en dat niemand onveranderd huis toe sal gaan nie.

Vir meer besonderhede and besprekings, kontak asseblief vir Leon by 084 610 1739.


23 April 2021 – Harold Abrahams

Die wêreld van die haweloses

Vrydag kom Harold Abrahams van MES met ons gesels om ons ‘n blik te gee op wat in die wêreld van die haweloses aangaan en watter rol MES, asook ons daarin speel. Die grootste se gebod wat Jesus ons gegee het is om God lief te hê sodat Sy liefde deur ons kan vloei en ons dan ons naaste netso lief kan hê. So wie is jou naaste? Dalk die hawelose op die straathoek? Maar bitter min van ons weet hoe om met hierdie mense te werk en daarom is die werk van MES so krities in ons geveg teen die swaarkry rondom ons!

Die vraag is, hoe kan ons MES ondersteun in hierdie geveg – is dit dalk die mees effektiewe manier om die probleem aan te spreek?

MES Website

16 April 2021 – Siniko Nxesi

Radically fight for the Kingdom of God

Baie dankie aan ons boeta Charl van Wyk van die Community Church wat hierdie Vrydag se spreker vir ons aanbeveel het.

Pastor Siniko Nxesi is a true soldier for Christ. Despite being shot in the arm and back, during a church robbery, he has remained steadfast in his faith and prayers. The horrific experience has not only made him a stronger Christian but solidified his resolve to radically fight for the Kingdom of God.

Siniko is now a convenor of Pastors Against Church Closures – a four-month-old national movement that has birthed a new desire among pastors to stand in unity for the sake of the Gospel, and righteousness in our society.

God’s Word is clear; we are commanded by the Lord to observe a sabbath rest and keep it holy; we are to gather around the Word and receive communion; we are commanded not to give up meeting together; we are commanded to make disciples of all nations, teach, and baptize; to lay hands on and send out missionaries. Elders of the church are to pray over and anoint the sick with oil; we are required to sing together, greet one another, bear one another’s burdens, and exercise church discipline.

Pastors have struggled with the question: What should we do if worldly powers interfere with Christ’s clear commands to His Church?

Martin Luther wrote:
“Those who are engaged in a spiritual ministry such as preachers and pastors must likewise remain steadfast before the peril of death. We have a plain command from Christ, “A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep, but the hireling sees the wolf coming and flees” (John 10:11). For when people are dying, they most need a spiritual ministry which strengthens and comforts their consciences by word and sacrament and in faith overcomes death.”

26 March 2021 – Bongani Mahlangu

Voice of the Martyrs

My is Bongani Mahlangu. I’m married to one wife. Her name is Thandile Mahlangu. We have a beautiful daughter named Khensani. She is two years old. Im from Pretoria, my wife is from East London.

I’m an elder of Northside Baptist Church in Kuilsriver/Bluedowns area. I came to Cape Town in 2015 to reach out to the Somalis with OM. I led the ministry from 2015 to 2019 where from 2020 I have the privilege in joining Voice of the Martyrs as Ethiopia field leader.

19 Maart 2021 – Charles Duckitt

And all the glory belongs to God alone!

If you believe that you serve a sovereign God, then logic says we need to accept every situation, challenge, reward or dark pit as being in the knowledge of that God. It feels risky to stand in that faith in your Creator when there is not a single ray of hope. But I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that my life, with all it’s deep and dark realities, stands to prove that my Savior lives, and that our God is a gracious God. It’s not possible to look at my life and say there is no God.

From a life of bliss with a wonderful marriage to a beautiful woman and awesome son, to a cold, lonely prison cell over 6 000 Km from home is where I eventually landed when I chose to chase the physical pleasures of this world that I had always secretly admired as a child

The hidden truths of a life in a Thai prison became my daily reality as I faced a 21 year sentence with no support of help from family or friends.
It is the reality of God’s grace – something that I have only just begun to understand – that I have to tell about; about the reality of His supernatural provision, protection, leading and deliverance; about His love for the lowest sinner; about God as my constant Companion and Friend despite my life as a mere assembly of fleshly elements.

Mine is the testimony of a life from powder to power. Twice pardoned – Once by a king of the land and once by the King of all Kings.

And all the glory belongs to God alone.