16 April 2021 – Siniko Nxesi

Radically fight for the Kingdom of God

Deel die inligting!

Baie dankie aan ons boeta Charl van Wyk van die Community Church wat hierdie Vrydag se spreker vir ons aanbeveel het.

Pastor Siniko Nxesi is a true soldier for Christ. Despite being shot in the arm and back, during a church robbery, he has remained steadfast in his faith and prayers. The horrific experience has not only made him a stronger Christian but solidified his resolve to radically fight for the Kingdom of God.

Siniko is now a convenor of Pastors Against Church Closures – a four-month-old national movement that has birthed a new desire among pastors to stand in unity for the sake of the Gospel, and righteousness in our society.

God’s Word is clear; we are commanded by the Lord to observe a sabbath rest and keep it holy; we are to gather around the Word and receive communion; we are commanded not to give up meeting together; we are commanded to make disciples of all nations, teach, and baptize; to lay hands on and send out missionaries. Elders of the church are to pray over and anoint the sick with oil; we are required to sing together, greet one another, bear one another’s burdens, and exercise church discipline.

Pastors have struggled with the question: What should we do if worldly powers interfere with Christ’s clear commands to His Church?

Martin Luther wrote:
“Those who are engaged in a spiritual ministry such as preachers and pastors must likewise remain steadfast before the peril of death. We have a plain command from Christ, “A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep, but the hireling sees the wolf coming and flees” (John 10:11). For when people are dying, they most need a spiritual ministry which strengthens and comforts their consciences by word and sacrament and in faith overcomes death.”

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