25 Januarie 2019 – Schalk Visagie

Deel die inligting!

Verandering self is ‘n proses en ‘n pad wat ons daagliks stap. Die besluit om die stap te neem word partykeer emosioneel geneem. As die besluit om jou lewe om te draai met oorgawe geneem word is dit ‘n daaglikse reis. ‘n Reis wat elke besluit, elke woord elke wyse van optrede beinvloed, en ons struikel almal elke dag nog

Ek deel graag ‘n uitreksel uit my boek met julle.

“ I also said to God, if this is Your plan for me I accept it with no arguments, but God my children. They are still small, and I would so like to see them grow up and witness what becomes of them…and be there for them. I know they would need me, but Your will… I have no say in this matter. You are God, who am I that you might reconsider my fate and my request to turn my final moments rather into a Damascus experience.”
I leaned back, the blood loss had made me tired, an unexplained calmness came over me.

Laai Schalk se getuienis hier af!

Gods Loving Gift - Schalk Visagie
Gods Loving Gift – Schalk Visagie

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