19 Maart 2021 – Charles Duckitt

And all the glory belongs to God alone!

Deel die inligting!

If you believe that you serve a sovereign God, then logic says we need to accept every situation, challenge, reward or dark pit as being in the knowledge of that God. It feels risky to stand in that faith in your Creator when there is not a single ray of hope. But I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that my life, with all it’s deep and dark realities, stands to prove that my Savior lives, and that our God is a gracious God. It’s not possible to look at my life and say there is no God.

From a life of bliss with a wonderful marriage to a beautiful woman and awesome son, to a cold, lonely prison cell over 6 000 Km from home is where I eventually landed when I chose to chase the physical pleasures of this world that I had always secretly admired as a child

The hidden truths of a life in a Thai prison became my daily reality as I faced a 21 year sentence with no support of help from family or friends.
It is the reality of God’s grace – something that I have only just begun to understand – that I have to tell about; about the reality of His supernatural provision, protection, leading and deliverance; about His love for the lowest sinner; about God as my constant Companion and Friend despite my life as a mere assembly of fleshly elements.

Mine is the testimony of a life from powder to power. Twice pardoned – Once by a king of the land and once by the King of all Kings.

And all the glory belongs to God alone.

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