15 Desember 2019 – Leon du Toit

Leon is ‘n gereelde besoeker aan TGIF en was in Junie 2017 laas by ons.

Bybelskool, UCT
Stellenbosch Kweekskool: NG Ds Upington, Stellenbosch.

Aug 1995 Sendeling in Oekraine.  Afgelope 18 jaar ook in Rusland. Ook betrokke in Pakistan.

Vanaf begin 2016 ook in Afrika: Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi. DRC.
Zambië: basis en Christenskool in Kitwe.

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Leon du Toit
Inge Botes – Thuthuzela RCC Karl Bremer

21 Junie 2019 – Christian couple from an African country

We are a Christian couple from an African country. Believers are considered terrorists and all our pastors are behind bars in unknown locations since 2003. We also have had our share of persecution in brutal prisons for the sake of Christ. We are glad to share our testimonies with you.

3 Mei 2019 – Eric Swanepoel

Hierdie Vrydag verwelkom ons weer ‘n ou bekende by ons.  Eric kom vertel van sy onlangse besoeke aan Egipte en Libië en hoe hy die lewende God ervaar.  Gaan luister ook na sy preek die afgelope Sondag by Bergsig hier.  Gaan luister ook gerus na Eric se vorige getuienis op hierdie site.

Laai Eric se getuienis hier af!

12 April 2019 – Mosambiek – Orkaan Idai

Kobus Beukes van Standing Side by Side Ministries was onlangs in Mosambiek om die inwoners by te staan met die impak van Orkaan Idai.  Kobus gaan vir ons terugvoer gee en ook fotos en videos wys van wat daar gebeur het.

TGIF het ook ‘n bydrae gemaak tot hierdie projek.

Laai Kobus se getuienis hier af!

18 Januarie 2019 – Andre en Annemarie Thiart

Andre en Annemarie Thiart is al vir +16 jaar sendelinge in Mosambiek.

Kom luister hoe hulle Jesus ontmoet het, die keuse om ‘n goeie werk in die Kaap te los, alles te verkoop en met twee kinders sak en pak te verhuis na ‘n vreemde land en hulle ontberinge en ervarings sedertdien.

Was dit die moeite werd, sal hulle dit weer doen noudat hulle weet wat hulle weet?
Grootste uidagings vir 2019.

Sien hulle Facebook bladsy hier.

2 November 2018 – Dave & Eileen Kadlec (Operation Mobilization)

Dave & Eileen Kadlec
Dave & Eileen Kadlec

We met in 1981 while attending Bible School at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas. We have been married now for 36 years and have 3 sons, 3 lovely daughter in-laws, 4 adorable granddaughters & 3 handsome grandsons.

We worked with troubled boys for 9 years both in Chicago and the Detroit area. In 1993 we joined a Global Mission organization founded in 1957 called, Operation Mobilization (OM). OM works in 120 countries and operates one ocean-going ship. On to Poland, in Eastern Europe, with our boys in 1994, where we ministered for seven years, mainly assisting the Nationals in church planting and evangelistic outreaches.

In 2001 we moved back to the States and joined one of OM’s regional offices in Castle Rock, Colorado. Our work consisted of: recruiting, mobilizing, and sending out missionaries for OM International. In 2003 we began working with the OM India field and Dave was the National Director for Church Relations. In this position he was raising awareness & funds for the many projects in India throughout the country. His main passion has been the training & development among the new Dalit Pastors, better known as, “Untouchables.”

Eileen worked for 5 years as the Trip Coordinator & Regional Director for women’s ministry for the Dalit Freedom Network. The DFN office was birthed in 2002 in Denver to be a voice for the Dalit’s of India in partnership with OM India. Eileen had the joy of coordinating and sending all teams going to India to work among some of the poorest of the poor in the world today.

During our time in Colorado, Dave was also the Mission Pastor at our home church called, “The Rock.” He has overseen the many outreaches each year and has given leadership to the many team members and focus groups on our Global Outreach Team. Along with all of this, Dave has kept up on the happenings of our many missionaries ministering locally and globally.

Starting in 2014 Dave & Eileen began working out of the OM U.S. office in Tyrone, Georgia were they both joined the Global Connections Team.

In that position, Dave was the Director of Pastoral Relations. In that role he was maintaining & developing new partnerships with churches throughout the U.S. He also was training, sending and going with teams to work in some of our international fields especially India, Africa, and the Middle East. Dave was involved in the ministry of preaching, teaching, and training to mobilize American Christians into discipleship and World Missions involvement.

Eileen’s role was the Director of Women’s Ministries. In this role, she was recruiting and mobilizing women in the US to work alongside women’s ministries globally. She was also involved in our ministry called: “Freedom Climb.” The Freedom Climb of OM has projects spanning the globe that are actively working to combat the modern day tragedies women and children are enduring each day. Eileen was also the assistant to the Director of Prayer for Freedom Climb.
However, both of us felt the stirring of the Holy Spirit to get back into ministry cross-culturally. So, we made the move to South Africa in March of 2016 to be involved in reaching the lost, discipleship training, leadership development & church planting.
Dave is the Regional Team Leader for the team in Cape Town and Eileen is the Director of the Chanua Empowerment (Chanua means ‘Thrive’ in Swahili) Center in the City Bowl of Cape Town.
Dave & Eileen

Dave – david.kadlec@om.org
Eileen – Eileen.kadlec@om.org

To see vibrant communities of Jesus followers established among the least reached and forgotten people of the world.

Diaspora Hope is a pioneering team in Cape Town seeking to reach out with the love of Christ among the immigrants, refugees, foreign students and neighbors from other faiths, especially among the Muslims.

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19 Oktober 2018 – Eric Swanepoel

Eric Swanepoel is by INcontext and kom vertel Vrydag oggend vir ons van sy ervaringe die afgelope jaar en getuig van wat die Here tans mee besig is in die vervolgde kerk.

Eric is ‘n ou bekende by ons.  Gaan luister na sy vorige getuienis hier.

Laai Eric se getuienis hier af!

3 Augustus 2018 – Yoav Elkayam

Yoav is a young Jewish believer from Israel.  He was introduced to Yeshua while he was doing his military service in the Israeli Defense Force, three years ago and has been sharing the Gospel since then.

Brother Marko will be hosting Yoav this morning.

Laai Yoav se getuienis hier af!