30 Oktober 2020 – Hansie Louw

The Miracle of Khayelitsha

Hansie is an ultra-marathoner and believes that “everyone can run a marathon”. If you can run a marathon, you can tackle (almost) any problem in life.

Serving as a retirement advisor to Directors of listed companies in South Africa helped him to see the difference between the rich and the poor clearly when he embarked to live in Khayelitsha, a so called township area in South Africa from January 2011 for about 18 months. He and wife Anita were able to touch the lives of many indviduals.

His passion is to build wealth responsibly ( and to eradicate poverty at the same time) and he uses his knowledge of finance, business and network marketing to inspire others to transform the world.

“The Miracle of Khayelitsha” is an inspiring book about the miracle of the transformation of Khayelitsha.
Looking back from the year 2119 it is easy to marvel at the changes. It is a book of hope for South Africa, Africa and the world. The author who lived in Khayelitsha explains the dream of the miracle and what happened in the community to cause this. Shebeens disappear and police stations close for weekends. Crime is non-existent. The community thrives with many success stories. The churches in Khayelitsha formed a united front and a massive church structure was built that was used by many smaller churches.
Of course, this was not possible, but for God. He made the changes possible through the lives of people everywhere. The author explains how this happened amongst the people. Prayer and work caused the big change. The different Christians and leaders were led to understand their own differences in terms of how they were created. This opened understanding of and support for each other. Prayer led to God to transform the people of Khayelitsha
The corporations played a big role in providing some pastoral roles and positions for qualified people. That helped the pastors to lead their congregants to gainful employment or successful businesses.
The book is not fully written yet. You or your church or organisation or company or government department could feature in this book as the miracle unfolds over the next 50 to 100 years.
The book is very valuable for intercessors as many of the dreams must be prayed into existence.
May you be blessed by the book and may you bless the world by your participation in the projects not only in Khayelitsha but in the rest of the World.

TGIF gaan voort op WhatsApp

As gevolg van die algehele kwarentyn wat die regering aangekondig het, sal daar geen fisiese TGIF byeenkoms by Bergsig op Vrydag oggende gehou word tot verdere kennisgewing nie.  Hou asseblief hierdie webblad dop vir inligting wanneer dit hervat gaan word.

Julle is egter welkom om aan te sluit by ons TGIF WhatsApp groep waar ons elke Vrydag oggend nog steeds ‘n boodskap van ons TGIF sprekers.   Hierdie boodskappe sal ook op ons Grendelstaat bladsy verskyn. Kontak asseblief vir Leon of stuur ‘n epos om op ‘n lid van die groep te word.

Grendelstaat Bladsy: http://tgifcape.co.za/grendelstaat/

Ons wens is dat ons nooit weer as van selfsprekend sal aanvaar:
– om blad te skud met ‘n vreemdeling;
– koffie saam met vriende;
– om geselsies aan te knoop met ons bure;
– om Vrydagaand saam met jou geliefdes uit te gaan;
– om nagmaal te gebruik;
– lofprysing saam met ander gelowiges;
– elke asemteug in hierdie pragtige land van ons;

Ons wens dat elkeen van ons meer sal wees soos wat God ons wil hê!