6 November 2020 – Thys van Tonder

Thys het ’n passie om mense te vertel van die hart van die Hemelse Vader

Thys Van Tonder het onlangs teruggekeer na 5 jaar in Engeland met sy vrou en twee seuns. Thys het onlangs nog as ’n Lyfwag gewerk vir verskeie Hollywood bekendes, wêreld bekende musikante, politieke leiers, groot besigheid eienaars asook bekende internasionale sport spanne. Thys het bekend geraak dat hy een stap agter name soos Nicolas Cage, Nelson Mandela, Queen, Jean Claude Van Damme, Indiese Krieket span, SA Krieket span ens. gestap het. Thys het ook semi professioneel rugby gespeel en was na skool deel van ’n SAPD reaksie span voordat hy ’n lyfwag geword het. Thys deel in sy getuienis hoe die Here hom gered het van ’n skiet voorval, hoe die Here hom vanaf ’n buitekamer vloer (waar hy gewoonlik geslaap het) tot in die duurste en luuksste privaat Stralers en 5 ster hotelle gevat het.
Thys het ’n passie om mense te vertel van die hart van die Hemelse Vader, Sy goedheid en hoe getrou Hy is aan Sy Woord in die werk plek. Thys geniet om van sy ervarings en ontmoetings te vertel terwyl hy gewerk het.

30 Oktober 2020 – Hansie Louw

The Miracle of Khayelitsha

Hansie is an ultra-marathoner and believes that “everyone can run a marathon”. If you can run a marathon, you can tackle (almost) any problem in life.

Serving as a retirement advisor to Directors of listed companies in South Africa helped him to see the difference between the rich and the poor clearly when he embarked to live in Khayelitsha, a so called township area in South Africa from January 2011 for about 18 months. He and wife Anita were able to touch the lives of many indviduals.

His passion is to build wealth responsibly ( and to eradicate poverty at the same time) and he uses his knowledge of finance, business and network marketing to inspire others to transform the world.

“The Miracle of Khayelitsha” is an inspiring book about the miracle of the transformation of Khayelitsha.
Looking back from the year 2119 it is easy to marvel at the changes. It is a book of hope for South Africa, Africa and the world. The author who lived in Khayelitsha explains the dream of the miracle and what happened in the community to cause this. Shebeens disappear and police stations close for weekends. Crime is non-existent. The community thrives with many success stories. The churches in Khayelitsha formed a united front and a massive church structure was built that was used by many smaller churches.
Of course, this was not possible, but for God. He made the changes possible through the lives of people everywhere. The author explains how this happened amongst the people. Prayer and work caused the big change. The different Christians and leaders were led to understand their own differences in terms of how they were created. This opened understanding of and support for each other. Prayer led to God to transform the people of Khayelitsha
The corporations played a big role in providing some pastoral roles and positions for qualified people. That helped the pastors to lead their congregants to gainful employment or successful businesses.
The book is not fully written yet. You or your church or organisation or company or government department could feature in this book as the miracle unfolds over the next 50 to 100 years.
The book is very valuable for intercessors as many of the dreams must be prayed into existence.
May you be blessed by the book and may you bless the world by your participation in the projects not only in Khayelitsha but in the rest of the World.

23 Oktober 2020 – Benescke Janse van Rensburg (Dames welkom)

Benescke boek bekendstelling

Vrydag oggend kuier Benescke Janse van Rensburg, ’n radio-omroeper by Radio Tygerberg en Stella Opperman by ons.  Benescke stel haar nuwe boek aan ons bekend en kom vertel die storie agter die boek.

Dames is ook welkom!

9 Oktober 2020 – Jacques Munnik

‘n Getuinenis van die krag en betekenis van Aanbidding

‘n Getuinenis van die krag en betekenis van Aanbidding

Een van ons gereelde boetas, Jacques Munnik is hierdie Vrydag aan die woord.  “Ek is opgewonde om met julle te deel hoe opregte aanbidding ‘n wonderbaarlike impak in my lewe gemaak het op soveel vlakke. Wonderwerke en genade in oorvloed!”

2 Oktober 2020 – Julita Kok

Keep on praising and dancing as the joy of the Lord is our strength.

Vrydag is Julita Kok by ons.  Sy is ‘n ou bekende en was in Junie 2019 by ons gewees.  Daar sal ook Vrydag oggend koffie en tee beskikbaar wees.

Julita het vir ons die volgende boodskap gestuur:
“2 days ago, during my 3am watch, God spoke to me about the revival that is coming. He said this. Get ready Julita, as the church will not know what to do with these souls coming in. And I asked Him why that is. And He told me that this revival will not be like any other. It will not be because of an evangelist preaching the gospel or church sermons, but the Holy Spirit Himself will minister to people and many will have encounters with Jesus Himself and because of this, they will be so on fire for Him, that the church will be afraid of them, not knowing what to do with these “radicals”. But God is raising up an army Himself, an army who will build His kingdom here on earth like we have never seen before.

A few months ago, during lockdown, I had a vision one morning. Now…. during that past week, I saw angels on the mountain tops surrounding Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Franschoek, Paarl and the Overberg. Angels just watching and waiting. Waiting patiently for something. God never showed me what they were waiting for…. they were just there…. waiting…. thousands and thousands of angels just waiting.

A few years back, God started speaking to me about the holy war that is coming and He instructed me to prepare the worshippers. To get a army of worshippers ready for the holy war that is coming. And since then, every now and again, He reminded me about this war that is coming.

So during that week of seeing the angels waiting on the mountain tops, again during my 3am watch…. I had a vision of Jesus riding into Cape Town on His white horse. He came over the ocean and was just riding slowly and at ease …. riding into Cape Town and He had a huge, huge army of angels with Him riding horses and as He came riding in, He was calling to all the angels on the mountain tops waiting. And they all joined Him. At that moment I knew the holy war is at hand and Jesus Himself is here to fight the battle. This is not our battle as a holy war is always about souls and He is here for this fight. And during this time of lockdown we started Worship SA and the worshippers were doing their part and the watchmen on the walls are praying doing their part and He gave us praise as a weapon …. so I knew the battle is on. We are all preparing the atmosphere and the spiritual realm for what is about to happen in this earth.

Last night we had an earthquake off the shore of South Africa, 6.2. There was no threat of a Tsunami, but for the first time in our history, there was a possibility of such a thing happening in Cape Town. When I heard about it, God reminded me about 2 things. The dream myself and others had about the tsunami hitting Cape Town and its surrounding areas and an assignment I was on one week ago at the Indian Ocean. I want to tell you today not to underestimate the powers at work in the waters. They have been there since the beginning causing havoc.

And this morning, as I was praying into the earthquake asking God about the times and seasons…. I wanted to know exactly where we were at, He reminded me about the sequence of events He showed me the past few years, but also the past few months.

I want to tell you this morning that we live in a time where the bible speaks of the sinners that will go before us. This is the time where the Holy Spirit will encounter many people and He will ignite a fire within them that will run wild as it spreads from Cape Town, through Africa, to Jerusalem and beyond. A time where the church will not control these new born souls as they will know things of Christ which the church could never understand. A complete work will be done in them by the Holy Spirit in an instant. It will not take years, it will be instant. And we as christians on this road for a long time, should be awake as to what God is doing and be careful not to work against God because we want things done in a certain way. Let God be God during this time and move with Him and your eyes will see the most beautiful things happen in the lives of the unsaved. Many of them will go before those saved for many years already.

And as I was praying into all of this this morning of the 27th of September 2020….. I suddenly saw a valley surrounded by many, many mountains. The valley was covered in darkness. And then suddenly, a small light appeared…. not like the sun…. I knew instantly that it was not the sun…. and as I looked closer, I saw it was the Son….. coming in all His glory, surrounded by His angels shouting Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord….. and this Light grew brighter and shone into all of the dark places of this valley until it covered it all. No more darkness, but only Him shining brightly.

So I want to tell you to prepare yourselves for a mighty, mighty outpouring like this world has never seen before. He is establishing His Kingdom. And I know that I usually see a few years ahead, but this time I know that it is not the future that I see, it is already happening right now in the spiritual realm. It is upon us. Jesus Himself is here to fight this holy war and we will see the results of that in the souls that will be saved without crusades…. they will tell of encounters with Jesus Himself.

What an exciting time we live in. I want to urge you to spend time with Him. Make time. This is your most important investment. Make time for this relationship. We live in a time where we as christians cannot afford to not hear His voice. Get to know Him by interacting with His word and by praying. And do not be afraid of the times we are in. Count it all joy, because our salvation is at hand. He spoke to me about the healing of the nations at this time as well, but we will get to that at another time.

Do not be afraid, but rejoice for the times we are in and know that Jesus Himself is here to fight this battle. The enemy has been defeated and this battle is also the Lords.

Keep on praising and dancing as the joy of the Lord is our strength.”

18 September 2020 – Warren Holland

From policeman to pastor!

Warren is a former police officer and nature conservationist. After studying theology, he served as director of a Christian children’s home and then as a children’s pastor.

Warren is married to Sungmin. They homeschool their three energetic boys – Noah, Jadon and Jesse.

He loves spending time with children and sharing Jesus with them. Warren and his family are soon to embark on an extraordinary mission. Come and be encouraged by hearing of the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom! Taking a man from policeman to pastor!

11 September 2020 – Angelo Davids

Van Klipheuwel na die World Sevens Series in Hong Kong en Singapoer

Angelo Davids het in 2019 sy debuut vir die Blitzbokke gemaak en die seisoen geëindig as die top drie drukker. Hy het ook die Junior Bokkies verteenwoordig by die o/20 wêreldbeker in 2019.

Kom luister na hierdie jong man se getuienis van hoe hy van Klipheuwel buite Durbanville gegaan het na die World Sevens Series in Hong Kong en Singapoer.